Winbot is tool for automatic trading at Binance , with Winbot you can connect binance apikey and setup your trading strategy , Winbot will work for You.
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Utillity WBST at Winbot

To use Winbot , Trader required deposit WBST.
Trader must pay 20% from profit trading at binance with WBST.

Price BST $ 0.1
Trader profit $100 at binance
Required to pay 20% from profit = 200 WBST.

Burning = 100 WBST
Reward System = 100 WBST

Winbot is a tool to make automatic trading on Binance, with Winbot your trading transactions will run automatically according to the settings you provide

No, winbot runs on bitsten.app server and users only need the binance apikey to connect your binance account with winbot

The first time, the user is required to register at https://winbot.bitsten.app/app using a personal email, then confirm the link sent to the email

User required to deposit and hold minimum 2,000 WBST at winbot

Every time your account takes profit, winbot will calculate 20% of the profit, and will automatically reduce your WBST balance in winbot

Winbot uses an averaging strategy, for example you have a balance of USDT 1,000 Winbot will open the first time buying BNB 100 USDT then if the price drops 1% Winbot will BUY again, so that if the price goes up it will immediately profit. All COIN options and the amount can be adjusted by Users

With standard price movements (not too extreme) Winbot can reach the daily target of 1-5%, it all depends on the price of the coin chosen to be traded by the user

It all depends on the market price, if the market price continues to fall without any price reversal, it is also possible that you will float, and have to wait for the price to rise to get a profit.

Yes, winbot has a mandatory system to use sponsors during registration, and 6% of the profit of users on binance will be distributed to their uplines

Winbot have 7 affiliate level

Level 1 = 2% from profit trade downline
Level 2 = 1% from profit trade downline
Level 3 = 1% from profit trade downline
Level 4 = 0.5% from profit trade downline
Level 5 = 0.5% from profit trade downline
Level 6 = 0.5% from profit trade downline
Level 7 = 0.5% from profit trade downline

Build your own community and become a LEADER
Makesure your hold minimum 1,000 WBST to continue receive reward from downline.

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Install Winbot on your iPhone's .
Tap and Add to homescreen.
Install Winbot on your Android's.
Tap and Add to homescreen.
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